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Digital Marketing Course Detail

Modules of Digital Marketing Course

Internet entrepreneurship with Google Ad-sense

  • Ad-Sense program overview & features
  • How to get approve for Ad-Sense
  • Few tricks to get approval by Google
  • How to put ads on your blog
  • How to receive a check from Google each month through Google Ad-sense
  • Building an Ad-Sense network with multiple Ad-Sense website.

Introduction to digital Marketing

  • Overview on Digital Marketing
  • Digital marketing vs traditional marketing
  • How to start Digital Marketing?
  • What is website Traffic?
  • What is Key-wording?
  • Steps of implementing Digital Marketing principals
  • How to increase website Traffic ?
  • How to increase website engagement ?
  • How to increase number of leads and conversion rates?
  • How to analyze your traffic source and ROI?
  • Advantages of Digital Marketing
  • What is SEO?
  • What are search engines?
  • What is robots?
  • Function of robots
  • Types of robots
  • What is SERP?
  • Types of SEO - on page, off page
  • Concepts of SEO
  • What are backlinks?
  • Types of backlinks
  • How to make directory submission?
  • How to make references?
  • What is social bookmarking?
  • What is profile link building?
  • What is forum posting?
  • What is the use of press release?
  • What is blog commenting?
  • How to make article submission?
  • What is guest blogging?
  • Needs of SEO
  • Local SEO
  • SEO categories- white hat, black hat, gray hat.
  • National SEO
  • Global SEO
  • URL structuring
  • What is robot.txt?
  • What is sitemap?
  • Benefits of sitemap and robot.txt
  • SEO tools
  • SEO profiler
  • Call SEO tools
  • SEO site check-up tool

Digital Marketing Planning and Strategy

  • Concept of 4w’s
  • What is digital marketing strategy
  • What is the need of strategy
  • Types of strategies
  • Pre-project strategy
  • On project strategy
  • Post-project strategy
  • Assignment
  • Live project / case studies

Web master tool

  • What is web master tool?
  • How web master tool works?
  • Adding your website with web master tools
  • What is the use of structured data?
  • How to make structured data in your site.
  • What is rich card?
  • Configuring the rich card in your website.
  • Analyzing the search traffic of a website?
  • Use of other tools of search console

Digital Advertising (PPC, Digital Display and YouTube)

  • What is PPC?
  • Different platforms of PPC?
  • What is Google Ad-word?
  • How to create Google Ad-word account?
  • What is campaign?
  • What is Add group?
  • What is Add copy?
  • What is keyword planner?
  • Planning keywords for a campaign
  • Types of advertisement
  • What is quality score?
  • What is CTR?
  • Understanding the process of bidding strategy
  • What is Add targeting?
  • What are site extensions?
  • Use of site extension?
  • What is re-marketing?
  • Benefits of re-marketing
  • Re-targeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • All about the Bing and Yahoo adds
  • Assignments
  • Live project/ case studies

Affiliate Marketing

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Making money, from marketing revolution
  • Getting process of Affiliate Marketing of Java Script
  • Configure your website with different e- commerce platform sites
  • Configure your bank account with your website
  • Work as a Freelancer in affiliate marketing
  • Assignments
  • Live project/ case studies

Email Marketing

  • Overview of Email Marketing
  • Objective of Email Marketing
  • What is opt-in?
  • Types of opt-in
  • Email marketing software
  • Default software of Google
  • What is G-Mass?
  • Process to use G-Mass
  • Setting auto-res ponder e-mail
  • What is Mail chimp?
  • Creating your first Email campaign templates
  • Use of mail track extension
  • How to send bulk Email
  • Assignment
  • Live Project/ Case study

Mobile Marketing

  • What is Mobile Marketing?
  • Importance of Mobile Marketing
  • What are responsive sites?
  • Ads on mobile apps
  • Assignment

Social Media Marketing

  • What is Social Media Network?
  • Importance of social media for marketing
  • Steps to configure a social media account
  • Updating a profile of social media account
  • Working on social media strategy
  • Configuring the social media PPC platform
  • PPC Platforms of social media
    • (a) LinkedIn Marketing
    • History of LinkedIn
    • Types of posts
    • How to Market on LinkedIn
    • Create your Company Page
    • How to create a Group on LinkedIn
    • How to schedule a post
    • How to increase your LinkedIn likes
    • Make your post viral
    • Assignment/live project
    • (b) LinkedIn Marketing
    • History of LinkedIn
    • Types of posts
    • How to Market on LinkedIn
    • Create your Company Page
    • How to create a connection on LinkedIn
    • Understanding the concept of B2B & B2C
    • How to increase your LinkedIn connections
    • How to engage your fan on page
    • Assignment/live project
    • (c) Twitter Marketing
    • Introduction to Twitter
    • Create a profile
    • How to increase followers
    • How to market your product
    • Understanding # and concept
    • Advertising on Twitter
    • Assignment/Live project
    • (d) Video Marketing
    • What is Video Marketing
    • Why Video Marketing is important
    • How to create your channel on YouTube and Daily Motion.
    • How to create Video
    • Uploading videos after applying the SEO concept
    • Video Marketing
    • How to increase Viewers
    • Important Tips
    • Assignment/Live project

Web Analytic

  • What is Google Analytic
  • How Google analytic works
  • Configure the website to Google analytic
  • Steps to configure Google analytic code on website
  • Google analytic accounts, profiles, and user navigation
  • Basics concepts of Google analytic
  • Real time reporting
  • Search traffic reporting
  • Geo-location reporting
  • Direct, referring, and search traffic
  • Reports on user flow of website
  • Bench marking report
  • How to work with admin panel of Google analytic
  • Tracking the conversion of your website
  • Connecting the Google Ad-words account to Google analytic
  • Creating a goal on Google analytic
  • Understanding the whole concept of reporting
  • Assignment/Live project


  • what is content marketing
  • Objectives of content marketing
  • Why “Content is King” for SEO scenario
  • How to write SEO friendly content
  • How to become content writer
  • How to spin other website content
  • How to promote your content online

E-commerce Marketing

  • What is E commerce?
  • Current E commerce scenario in India
  • Driving traffic to E commerce portal & portal
  • How to perform SEO in E commerce website
  • Create advance strategy for E commerce portal
  • Set up your own E commerce store without investment

Online Advertising

  • Introduction to banners, contextual ads & rich Media
  • Tools to manage pop advertising
  • Pop under advertising
  • Contextual advertising using images and videos
  • Online advertising company
  • Creating banner Ads using tools
  • Tracking & measuring ROI of online advertising

Lead Generation

  • Definition of an online sales lead
  • Cold Warm and hot leads
  • What is landing page
  • Difference between landing page and website
  • How to create landing page
  • How to use thank you page
  • How to create landing page
  • Tools to create landing page
  • What is A/B testing?
  • Lead funnel
  • Converting leads into sales through internet marketing


  • What is freelancing?
  • Popular freelancing websites
  • How to take project from freelancing website
  • How to hire freelancer (for your project)
  • How to get money worldwide
  • Popular online payment option for freelancer

Who can Join?

Who can Join?


Working Professional

Web Developer

Business Owners


House Wife

Benefits of Course

  • Work as a Digital Marketing Manager/Executive
  • Work as a SEO Manager/Executive
  • Work as a SMO Manager/Executive
  • Work as a PPC Manager/Executive
  • Analytic Manager/Executive
  • Work as a Digital Marketing Team Leader
  • Work as a Freelancer